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Apart from the standard agency services in the field of tourist trade, our travel agency also provides help with arranging your business trip. Your business trip requirements will be closely summarized and evaluated, giving you the best possible option in terms of expenses, time specifications and services. We carefully choose the service providers, assessing the quality and price of the services.


Portfolio of services for arranging your business trips 

Itinerary of a business trip

We’ll work out the itinerary of your business trip according to your demands, trying to minimize your costs and service link-ups. Each of your requests is handled individually, dedicating several hours to it. We carefully consider the choice of service providers to guarantee a full reliability during your business trip. Your satisfaction and dedication to the task of your business trip is also a reward for us.

Flight tickets to the all world

qantas.jpg We use the Amadeus booking system to buy flight tickets. They are bought from all the prestigious airlines, including the low-budget ones. We’ll try to provide a seat that fits your demands (window, aisle) and the desired class (economy, business,..). We’ll also arrange your FF points (frequent flyer). We offer world-wide flight tickets.


Transfers from and to the airport


Since our agency is located in the center – or the heart of Europe, we also book flights from other than Slovak airports. That’s why we offer transfers from your place of residence or work directly to the airport. We’ll gladly provide transfers not only to the airports in Bratislava, Kosice or Poprad but also to Vienna, Krakow, Budapest and Prague.




A proper choice of a hotel is also an important part of your business trip. We put great emphasis on your requirements and we are able to book a hotel or a pension of standard that will fit you the most. Wireless internet connection or traffic accessibility of the workshop or the place of business talks are a matter of course. Thanks to great and long-time business-relations, we are able to book accommodation for incomparable prices, in all the world’s countries.



We can help you arrange entrance visas to the counties where visas are required. We’ll gladly provide information about visa requirements.

Working meetings – workshops

laco-leonidas.jpg We can also help you arrange workshops and find business partners of your demands, not only in Slovakia but also abroad. We’ll provide perfect condition for these workshops, giving you a good chance to present your company or your products to amplify the effect of your business trip. Refreshment and small banquets after are a matter of course.


Trade-fair and exhibition tickets

veltrh-kiev.jpg You surely know that early trade-fair and exposition registration saves you some money. If you are interested, we can book tickets for exhibitions, trade-fairs, trajects or other cultural events.


Interpretation during business meetings, guide services

If you plan a business meeting abroad, and you are considering hiring an interpreter – come to us. We can provide an interpreter, depending on the language the business meeting is going to be held in. We can also provide a guide that will accompany you during your business trip.

Professional, qualified translations

We also provide professional and qualified translations of your business documents to English and German languages.

Car rental

rent-car.jpg One of our services is to provide a car rental in almost all world’s countries. Are you in a need of a car after arriving abroad? We’ll arrange a car delivery right at the airport as preferred (class, capacity, transmission, air-conditioning, etc.) even at a time when all the other car rentals are closed. Delivering a car to the hotel, where you are accommodated is also not


Rental of VIP saloons and meeting rooms at airports

Are you considering renting a VIP saloon for a short time? Do you need the business meeting to take place right at the airport? We can provide such a place for the desired number of people – at an airport, hotel or anywhere else.

Complex travel insurance

We can provide complex insurance services during your business trip, just in case of unpleasant situations that might occur. We provide:

Full time assistance service

Our travel agency will assist you with any problems you might encounter during your business trip. Nonstop.

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